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Changing the conversation from data to people is critical to challenging the idea that a reliance on policing and punishment will make our communities safer. The Illinois Deaths in Custody Project relies on information from everyday people like you. You can alert us to any deaths in custody by filling out a death report form. Or you can also help by contributing a eulogy for someone you know who has died in custody.  You can also send IDCP eulogies by mail or send condolences to our contributors directly or through IDCP.

Send your condolences to a contributor.

You can send them directly to the addresses listed on each contribution. Or you can send a card to:

Therese Quinn
Museum and Exhibition Studies
University of Illinois at Chicago
935 W Harrison St. MC 201
Chicago, IL 60607

IDCP will mail your condolences with other cards. Condolence cards help demonstrate that people’s grief and their lives matter.

Support laws that free more people, like those that offer release to elderly people in prison, pending in Illinois as of February 2017. 
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Get involved with organizations working to build real public safety such as: