The Living

IDCP strives for multiple means of engaging people outside and inside the Illinois prison system. Participation from within the prisons and participation from family and loved ones outside is encouraged in various ways. Get involved. You can:

  • Ask someone you know inside an Illinois prison to correspond with IDCP.
  • Submit a eulogy for someone you lost while in an Illinois prison.
  • Report a death in custody to improve record keeping, transparency and continue our effort to hold Illinois prisons accountable for all deaths within their institutions .
AuthorName of the DeceasedDate of DeathLink
Drummond, DurrellWilliams, Preston Jr.May 31, 2016 Link
Wainwright, Antoine MotherDecember 12, 2016 Link
Smith, FrancisN/AN/ALink
Terrell, DevonLink
Patterson, RickyLink
Key, KennethJudy KeyJune 13, 2016Link
Covelli, RobertLink
Baker, MichaelMultipleN/ABaker_Michael 10_7_17