Eulogy Mr. Preston Williams Jr. by Durrell Drummond


Dear Therese Quinn,

Time: 7:30 pm

Date: 12/13/2016

Hello How are you doing I hope okay. My name is Durrell Drummond I’m Black Male and 32 year old and I have been lock[ed] up for about 13 years and inside of the Illinois Department of Corrections at the Pontiac Corr. Center and on May 31, 2016 my father Mr. Preston Williams Jr. pass[ed] way peacefully at 10:26 PM on Tuesday and my father[‘s] wife Jessie Lee Cook preceded him [in] death and I have not seen him for a long time and I miss him a lot and I have [a] sister on my father[‘s] side of the family. I [would] like to meet them and [their] names are Sheila Cooks, Ann Cooks, Lisa Cooks, Justice Miller, Willime Lee and they is from Peoria, IL and I have [an] aunt from Peoria, IL as well they are Lucille William, Corine Williams, Jennie Williams, and my father was born July 16, 1945 as well he will age of 70 as well but I [would] like for to help me find my sister and aunt on my father cuz we have a right to find and get to know them and my father was a good man as well, but please help and assist me with […] this is my story as well Therese and can send newsletter as well. I was in real pain for about 3 months.

Thank you for listen[ing] to my story. My name is Durrell Drummond


Pontiac Corr. Center

700 W. Lincoln Street

PO Box 99

Pontiac, IL 61764