Letters from Francis Smith



Therese Quinn
Museum and Exhib. Studies
U of I at Chicago
935 W. Harrison St. MC 201
Chic. IL 60607

Feb. 1, 2017
Re:        Mourning
But Not Down Yet

Dear Mrs. Quinn,

Greetings and Blessed New Year.

Thought you might like to hear my story.

I have been battling with metastatic colon cancer since 2014 (liver, colon, lymph nodes).

It should have been caught around 2012 when I was diagnosed with Iron Deficiency Anemia. No one bothered to follow up on my anemia.

Thru borrowed time from God, and my stubborn Marine Corps spirit, I refuse to go down for the count.

I get about 54 hours of chemo treatment every 2-weeks.

I am most likely the “most expensive medical care inmate in my prison.”

Staff call me:

  • The Walking Miracle.
  • Super Striver.
  • Kryptonite.

As of last week I filed a “Emergency Clause” Clemency petition to the Governor. Trying to work one more miracle.

I am into prison advocacy work. Mr. Wittington of John Howard Assoc. knows me pretty well.

I stay pretty sick from chemo “side effects.”

If you have questions feel free to write.

I am a person of Hebrews Chap. 11 faith. My works and deeds are what God has seen to keep me alive.

I close with a little art work. I feel like Lucky, my grave is yet to be dug, I have projects to complete.

Amen and Semper Fi!

Francis Smith

Law. C.C.
10930 Lawrence Rd.
Sumner, IL 62466