Teardrop Memory by Devon Terrell

this ain’t no
broken oath
vow nor promise
it ain’t nearly the end
you know this here world
not meant dark skin
dreamy project kids
there’s a place much
much better
I’ll see you again.

let your teardrop memories
remember our shared
smiles laugh
our hugs
songs and dance
remember me a son
brother father nephew
uncle cousin friend
remember me the best
man I am

Everything worth have I owed
it was you
my family and friends
who given me your hearts
for a home
Look around you
Look around
It’s a celebration of life
through I’m no longer with you
celebrate times as if
we’re side by side

It’s okay to cry and weep
but learn to Live Love Forgive
Forgive Love Live
you’ll be missed until me meet
I’ll kiss your memories
whenever you think of me